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Benefits of Kids Kickboxing

Teacher and Student Kickboxing at Lifestyle MMA

Every child enrolled in our kickboxing classes ultimately learns a sense of respect and true confidence. Confidence comes with achievement, so your child’s self-esteem increases with each step as they progress through our well-guided classes.

The benefits of kickboxing classes don’t end in the gym. Kickboxing will give your child a boost in confidence, increased strength, and new social skills that will help them perform better at school, improve their behavior at home and promote good habits as they develop into an active and mentally strong adult.

Bully Prevention

We specialize in empowering children who have never joined any physical activity or have been victims of constant bullying at school, into confident, respectful and skilled martial artists.


If you’re looking for the best Martial Arts School in the Queens area, you’ve come to the right place!